Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tiramisu cake!

Tonight I made the very popular, very tasty Tiramisu cake! This time i made 2 dozen individual (5inches in diameter) cakes! I first made an espresso cake and baked them in their pretty little cake wrappers. When they came out of the oven I brushed the tops with Espresso and Kahlua. Once cooled I spread on a layer of filling: cream cheese, powdered sugar, kahlua, espresso and a little cream that got whipped. Next I topped them off with a huge mound of whipped cream that was whipped with a little kahlua. To top it all off I shaved some dark chocolate curls directly atop the mound of whipped cream!

Tiramisu is my favorite thing in the whole world and I will admit I have tried every tiramisu in town. My favorite comes from DeFazzios, but after trying a tiny bite of MY tiramisu cake, I admit that mine is now my favorite---and those who know me know I am NOT one to brag about myself or my cooking!

They will go fast tomorrow morning and will be gone by dinner time! So if you love tiramisu half as much as I do then you are in for a treat! They are worth the drive and the $3.99 (which is priced $1-$2 BELOW every other place I have bought from before AND our portion is much bigger, too!) I personally guarantee you will fall in love! I put a lot of love into these!
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Much Love Always!
Kelli Sykes

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sugar Cookie Kits

By popular demand, we are now selling Sugar Cookie Dough ($10) and Decorating Kits ($5)! This is the exact same recipe that we use to make our yummy sugar cookies with real buttercream frosting. You can either roll the dough and cut out with cookie cutters, or scoop and bake. The dough will make at least 12 large cookies or more if you use smaller cookie cutters. The decorating kit includes one tub of buttercream frosting and three tubs of sprinkles, we promise not to tell if you just eat the frosting right out of the tub! Happy baking, sugar fans!!