Sunday, October 12, 2008

the sugar sisters story

Sometimes a dream comes true...

As the name suggests, Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe is the result of a family’s desire to start a business, three daughters and their mom with lots of cooking experience and a plan.

In early 2006, the family sat down together for their first “business” meeting. The girls started creating a menu from tried and true family recipes. Over time, a 6 page list of baked treats and dishes were tested and refined. Over 20 unique white cake recipes were tried, resulting in the one served at the bakery today.

Deciding on a name became a project of its own. Tre Sorelle, Blue Dog Bakery and Sugar Mama’s were considered. Sugar Sisters sounded good... so family, friends and co-workers were consulted. SUGAR SISTERS was born and a logo was soon created; the business plan moved forward.

In 2007 the sisters began taking on-line orders and catering from their website. The girls gained confidence, as well as a few blisters from late night baking sessions. But feedback was always positive, and helped to convince them to find a storefront, a real bakery with a cozy & friendly charm. When the location at Central and Oliver became available, the girls knew it would be perfect!

Starting a business from scratch is quite an undertaking. Determination, a wise mother and family support certainly help.

Their motto is “great food makes people happy, so let’s make the best food possible so everyone leaves with a smile!”

Sugar Sisters opened for business in May 2008. The girls’
Grandpa always encouraged them to open a family business. His father had passed away while he and his dad were trying to open a hamburger stand in El Dorado.

Sometimes a dream carries on...

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